Solar Panels

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Like magic, solar panels can convert light into electricity. They can save you money, and our environment. When combined with computer-controlled motors and wind sensors, they can turn toward the sun, or hide from the wind. But how do they work?  What’s their lifespan? How much do they cost? Read on to learn all about Solar Panels.

1. How does a solar panel work?  At Highlights for Children http://bit.ly/1d3s535 you can learn that solar panels use silicon crystals to create a photo-chemical reaction. It’s a special type of black, slippery glass that makes electrons move, creating electrical energy. Wikipedia http://bitly.com/1eZE1Bz gives more information on the underlying science of a solar panel.

2. Can a solar panel power a traffic light? Yes. At http://bit.ly/OAjV7s you learn that solar energy can also heat water for swimming pools, power garden lights and run the international space station.

3. How long do solar panels last? At http://bit.ly/1phYEKM you learn that a solar panel can last 30 to 40 years, or more.

4. How long have people been using solar energy? According to http://bit.ly/PTq6o5, glass was used in 7 B.C. to concentrate the rays of the sun to start fires. At Who Invented, http://bitly.com/1rKluPo we learn that solar panel research started in the 1800’s by French physicist Antoine Cesar Becquerel. Russell Ohl was the first to create a silicon solar cell in 1941.

5. Do solar panels work better on hot days than cold days? At http://bit.ly/1ij6eE1 you can learn that solar panels care about just one thing: light, not temperature. They even work from the light of the moon. But not when covered by snow.

6. What state is the best for solar panels?  At http://bit.ly/1j7i4Vl, not only does sunlight matter, but government incentives matter too. Click here to see how your state rates http://1.usa.gov/1lSAlDc. At http://exm.nr/1qZgHJf you can find out if your solar panels can make enough money to pay for themselves.

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1. Got an old pizza box?  Turn it into a solar oven at http://bit.ly/1ij6wus

2. Stuck on a desert island? Make your own water purifier using solar energy http://bit.ly/1ij6z9K.

3. Hungry? Let’s cook some hotdogs! You’ll learn about geometry (parabola) and cooking at the same time. We found some excellent instructions at sci-toys.com. http://bitly.com/QqpNRPfour_hotdogs_cooking








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