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Silly Human Tricks

  Download this page as a one page PDF —–> Silly Human Tricks We humans are amazing creatures. We can teach ourselves to play musical instruments, read, and … ...
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Teachers and librarians — Download this is column as a one page, easy to print PDF to send home.   WARNING — once you’ve flown a quadcopter (aka a drone) you won’t ...
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Action Cameras

—>Download this page as a PDF <— Want to see what it looks like when you jump out of an airplane? Thanks to a new generation of cheap, rugged digital cameras it’s ...
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Download this column as a one page PDF We’ve all seen, and certainly stepped on, those famous sharp cornered LEGO blocks. But where did they come from, and what can you make with ...
One of the original teddy bears, donated by the Michtom family and on display at National Museum of American History. Photo: Smithsonian

Stuffed Animals

Teachers: Download this page as a PDF! Some people call them stuffed animals. The toy industry says “plush toys.” Others say Beanie Babies, Teddy Bears, Webkinz or Build-a-Bears. ...
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