What game originated in China, and has been called the most popular sport in the world? We’re talking about soccer, my friends. Because the month of June falls in the thick of soccer season, let’s take a moment and learn more about this game.

1. Why do some people mix up the words “soccer” and “football?” At Slate http://slate.me/17aAWv you learn the modern edition of soccer started 100 years ago during the English boarding-school athletics craze. Back then it was called “Association Football.” This was commonly referred to as Assoc, and people who played it were referred to as soccers.When the sport migrated to America, the word Football was already being used, so it became known as soccer.

2. How are soccer balls made? At http://howisitmade.org/how-are-soccer-balls-made/ you can learn that the first soccer balls were made out of an inflated pig bladder. Today they are made in factores out of rubber or synthetic leather.soccerfactory

3. What country makes the most soccer balls? At made-in-china.com http://bit.ly/ZiD7s7 you can see a listing of the current soccer ball brands. An expert soccer ball sewer can make between 3-4 balls a day.

4. Who holds the record for the most goals scored in a game? At Sports Addiction http://bit.ly/ZiDt27 you learn that Archie Thompson http://bit.ly/142Pf2d scored 13 goals in one game. It was a FIFA game between Australia and American Samoa.

5. Can a goalkeeper score a goal? Yes! At FTB Pro http://bit.ly/17DCoYa you can watch the top 5 scoring goalkeepers at work– scoring goals unstead of defending against them. Goalkeepers are allowed to take penalties or free kicks, or even leave the goal box open to play on the field. With luck, skill and a good wind, goalies can score goals, too. Here’s another example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq8Csw09kpY

6. Who is Mia Hamm? At http://www.soccermaniak.com/mia-hamm-biography.html see how a girl started playing soccer at age 5, after watching her older brother. Today she holds the goal scoring record, with 158 goals. Her name is Mia Hamm and she’s one of the most famous female soccer players.1fe94eef-bf4b-366f-888e-07f68e705980

7. What is the Golden Boot? Is it made out of real gold? At http://www.eurotopfoot.com/soulierdorhistorique.php3 you learn that the golden boot (or shoe) is a soccer trophy given to the player with the most goals. We’re not sure if the shoe is made of solid gold, but we can tell you that the World Cup trophy is (see http://bit.ly/ZyeiLa) which is why it is protected by bullet proof glass.

8. Are baseball cleats and soccer cleats the same? At Soccer for Parents http://bit.ly/11GYPbL you learn that you can wear a soccer cleat for baseball, but not a baseball cleat for soccer. Why? Baseball shoes have an extra toe cleat, so they’re not as good for extending running.


How do I  juggle a soccer ball?

At Wikihow http://bit.ly/15jxnQe you learn these steps:

1.Hold the ball out in front of you with both hands and drop it onto the pavement for a bounce.

2.After the bounce, tap the ball back up to your hands with the shoelace or instep part your foot.

3.Catch the ball and repeat several times with each foot.


Select Videos About Soccer Here are some videos about Soccer at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcBVHzUUEKwl54jmpunNuPwWOcFOcCTLB

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  1. Jordan Older says:

    Interesting… I was reading Soccernomics and it said that most people in England used the world “soccer” up to about 1920 and then they reverted back to “football” for the world’s game. More and more people are using the word football in the USA now to refer to Pele’s game.

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