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Did you know November 15 is America Recycles Day, and that most products you use every day can be recycled and turned into something else? Read on to learn all about recycling.



1. I just finished my drink, and now I have an empty can. What should I do with it? Before you throw that can in the trash, think about it’s future job. downloadAccording to the website http://bit.ly/1fBsoyZ  aluminum never breaks down, and 75 percent of aluminum produced since 1888 is still being used today. Want to know how it’s used? Click here to see just how many things are made from recycled aluminum http://bit.ly/1oBYUHc

2. How can I make money by recycling? Click on http://bit.ly/1u4YBtV to see what materials you need, how much cash you can earn, and where to take your recycled aluminum. Then, it’s time to get started helping the earth and making some money at the same time.

3. What is this soft squishy material under my playground slide? Did you know that some playground mulch is made from recycled tires? Click here to learn about other uses for tires that may not drive, but still have a lot of life left in them http://1.usa.gov/ZXSl9v

4. What was the most recycled product in the United States last year? The answer might surprise you. Take a guess  then click here to see if you were right http://bit.ly/1FTIeUadownload (1)

5. Where is the largest recycling plant in the world? It’s 160 meters large, and processes more than 400,000 tons of recyclable waste a year. Click here http://bit.ly/1vi7L0Q  to check out this giant factory.

6. Which countries are best at recycling? Check out http://yhoo.it/1FTIouL  to see  the 7 countries that are tops at recycling.


1. Click here to sign up and take the pledge on America Recycles Day  http://bit.ly/1naSNf5download (2)

2. Start recycling at home in 4 easy steps http://bit.ly/1lcgJ0u

3. Find a recycling plant by you http://bit.ly/1lqw2Ct

4. Check out http://bit.ly/1wbAoAW  or http://edcate.co/1DsIOEg to make your very own crafts out of recycled household items.

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