Ice Sculptures

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Winter is nearly here. What could be better than making a giant ice sculpture? Here’s what you need to know to start carving.

1. Start with snow! Snow is a lot easier to carve, and find than ice. All you need is some the right weather conditions, and a small shovel. Here’s a guide to getting started http://bitly.com/2fTiCkr

2. I’m ready for ice. Creative ice carvers use all sorts of common tools, like saws, hairdryers, irons and chisels. They work in the cold — usually large walk-in freezers. Here’s a site that sells everything you’ll need from hoodies to torches. It’s free to browse, and it’s where the real ice carvers shop http://bitly.com/2gHXnTR .

3. When did ice sculpting start? In the coldest parts of China and Russia. The BBC offers an overview on the history of ice carving http://bbc.in/2gHPRZa

4. Are there ice sculpting contests?  Yes! Here’s a list of ten of the most impressive ice sculpting competitions http://bit.ly/2fWAIQd .

5. What do Hollywood and ice sculpting have in common? Building a tall ice structure is pretty impressive. In fact it can end up in the movies. Learn more at http://bit.ly/2fIkCMh.

6. What happens when an ice sculpture collapses? To read about the collapse of one of the tallest ice sculptures, and see it fall, see http://nyti.ms/1DFSJrq.


1. Find an ice carving event near you. http://bit.ly/2gBIArz.

2 How to make your own ice sculpture. http://bit.ly/19YLs9P.

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