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Halloween is almost upon us, and what could be spookier then walking through a haunted house? Today, they are equipped with state of the art technology that takes your scream to a whole new decibel. Read on to learn all about these scary haunts and the technology behind it.

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1  How did Disney upgraded their haunted house through the years?  Click on http://bit.ly/1u4CxwN  to read all about how this spooky fun ride has evolved.

2. What does  the NYC College of Technology, and Halloween have in common? Check out http://bit.ly/1MHmIY5 to view how this hi-tech college handles Halloween high-jinks.

3. How do funhouse mirrors make you look bigger or smaller? Click on http://bit.ly/1JnTNAU to read all about how fun house mirrors work.

4. How do reflections make ghosts? Check out  http://bit.ly/1L4poPu  to read all about how Disney makes it’s haunted house  ghosts by using simple reflections.

5. What do social media and haunted houses have in common? Click on http://bit.ly/1JnTdmC to read all about how this haunted house truly makes your visit personal.

6. What are some of the secrets of technology used in haunted houses? Check out http://wrd.cm/1OPAlE7 . This breaks down four of the scariest haunted houses, and explains the technology behind the terror.


1. Make your own dropping spider http://bit.ly/1L4p7Mn

2. Find a haunted house by you (WARNING- some of these may be super scary so make sure to check them out ahead of time) http://bit.ly/1QJxH1W


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