Fun Fruit and Vegetable Facts

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Did you know that every ear of corn has an even number of rows, and that cherry pits contain cyanide poison?  Read on to learn some more fun and sometimes freaky facts about the fruits and vegetables we eat every day.

1. T/F There is one piece of corn silk for every kernal. True. At http://bitly.com/1GMOtpK we also learned that an average ear of corn has 800 kernels, arranged perfectly in 16 rows.

2. Is a mushroom a fruit or vegetable? Answer: Neither. At http://bit.ly/1Brhlb4 you’ll learn that there are more than 250 varieties of edible mushrooms, and that they are classified as a fungus.

3. Can eating too many carrots turn you orange? Yes. At http://bit.ly/1CfOZvm you can read all about a strange and harmless condition called “hypercarotenemia” caused by eating lots of carrots.

4. T/F If you plant a supermarket banana, it will grow. Answer: False. At http://bitly.com/1Ksw9JC you’ll learn that the yellow bananas we eat are Cavendish bananas that are sterile genetic clones. Wild bananas are full of seeds and will grow, but they are hard to eat.

5. T/F Cherry pits contain cyanide (poison). Yes it’s true, and so do apple seeds. At http://abt.cm/1es0Ykp you learn that you don’t have to worry because the amount is so small.

APPLICATION 1. Slice a banana before you peel it. http://bitly.com/1CJevcL

2. Learn how to turn your fruits and veggies into funny animals http://bit.ly/1utOwnG

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