It’s the biggest reptile in North America and can live 50 years. Let’s learn more about Alligators!

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1. What’s the difference between a crocodile and an alligator? At the Crocodilian website http://bitly.com/1LAP6sc  you learn that they may look similar, but they are actually two completely different types of reptiles. The Alligator has a shorter, stronger snout that can crack open a turtle shell. The crocodile’s snout can catch fish in salt water.aligator2

2. Where do alligators live? Discover magazine http://bitly.com/1KiEgUk  shows where in the USA you’re most likely to find an alligator. They say there are about 5 million living in warm swamps in the southern USA.

3. Can I keep a small alligator as a pet? According to this article, http://bit.ly/1xS3iCy , some people try to keep small alligators, like the dwarf caiman female as pets. But it never ends up with a happy ending. Find out why http://bit.ly/1yGpSF8 .alligator

4. What do alligators eat? With 74 teeth and skin especially adept at sensing vibration, alligators are fierce predators known as lurkers who quietly stalk their prey, and then lunge attack with amazing speed. Find out what they like to eat, and see how they hunt http://bit.ly/1DYTJds

5. How large was the biggest alligator ever? This past August, a family in Alabama captured an 800 pound alligator as part of a population control program. Read how they captured this giant alligator in their local newspaper http://bit.ly/1p5ycbg .


1. Where can I spot an alligator in the wild? If you are headed to Florida anytime soon, visit one of these nature preserves. http://bit.ly/11o5Tw8

2. Create you own toothy alligator card http://bit.ly/1wokRJW

3. Play some silly online games, with an alligator theme http://bit.ly/15sx3n0

Check out some awesome alligator videos

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