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littleclickers.logo-squareWelcome to the NEW and IMPROVED LittleClickers — a partnership between Children’s Technology Review and Computer Explorers. Starting January 2013 (this issue) we’ve started using a newly remodeled website at the same URL: http://www.littleclickers.com. To create this new look, we used a set of tools called WordPress http://www.wordpress.org.

After we downloaded a template onto our ISP (Internet Service Provider), we poured nearly ten years of columns into this fresh blog format.

Now it will be easier for us to publish, and you to participate. We can post and edit columns without worrying about codes and settings, and you can leave comments and help us fix stale links. We hope you’ll continue to suggest future topics and links.



To celebrate, here are six of best columns from the past year, both as a web page and as PDFs. Let us know what you think, and Happy New Year!


Inside an iPad. Have you ever wondered what the inside of your iPad or Kindle looks like? How thick and strong is the glass? Where is the CPU? How big are the batteries? Taking your mom’s iPad apart is NOT a good idea, but you can still see what’s inside. You can even see what happens when you drop one, at http://littleclickers.com/whats-inside-an-ipad-2/

Dogs. Puppies and dogs are fun, but they require a lot of work. We’ll show you the correct way to train a dog, and what they need in order to live a long, happy life. Don’t miss the funny dog videos http://littleclickers.com/dogs

Mars. As you read these words, there’s a car-sized robot driving around on Mars. And, the driver is sitting in California! Does that make you curious? We have a special column just for you. We’ll help you find out what you want to know — things like “what did the landing look like” and “how long does it take a radio signal to get from California to Mars.” (Between 5 to 20 minutes). We also discover how long you’d survive on Mars without aspace suit (not long), and learn about some basic facts,like “Is Mars really red?” (Not really) and “Is Mars larger or smaller than the Earth?” (Smaller). Still curious about Mars? Visit http://littleclickers.com/aboutmarsnatgeo-electriccars

Electric Vehicles. We’ve all grown used to stopping at the gas station, along with the smell of exhaust and worrying about global warming. But thanks to monster-sized lithium-ion batteries and computer controlled brakes (see http://1.usa.gov/QjSwCz) the days of gas-powered cars are numbered. Explore EVs (electric vehicles) http://littleclickers.com/electric-vehicles

Submarines. Last Spring, a special submarine called the Deepsea Challenger went to the deepest part of the ocean — more than seven miles, straight down. Submarines use some of the most advanced technology we have. Did you know that a nuclear submarine runs for 30 years without refueling? It can also make it’s own air and drinking water! Want to learn more? No need to hold your breath. Visit Submarines. http://littleclickers.com/submarines/

Hurricanes. We recently experienced a huge hurricane — Sandy — first hand. As hurricanes go, ours wasn’t very strong, in fact, here’s a video from our town http://youtu.be/GUXYxZomqIs. But some hurricanes can tear buildings apart, in fact, here’s a look what happens when a hurricane hits a gas station http://youtu.be/unV5KcSrY-I. Ours knocked out our power and delayed our issue for two weeks. Want to learn more about hurricanes? We sure did, so we found some links and videos http://littleclickers.com/hurricanes/

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LittleClickers YouTube Playlists Here’s a link to all past LittleClickers YouTube playlists:  http://bit.ly/TyzCuR

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