How much do you know about snakes? Here’s a collection of web sites that will help you learn more about these long, limbless, flexible reptiles. Don’t worry, this page won’t bite.


1. Is the creature pictured below a worm?
Answer. No, it is actually a blind snake that doesn’t bite. But it might try to jab you with a tiny barb in itstail. Image from http://www.kingsnake.com/









2. Yes or no: Do snakes have eyelids?
Answer: No. Instead, they have clear scales that protect their eyeballs from getting scratched.

3. How many kinds of posionious snakes are there?
Answer: There are about 2,700 species of snakes, of these 375 are venomous. In the United States, sevenspecies are listed as endangered.

4. Can snakes fly?
Answer: There is a type of snake, the paradise tree-snake of South-East Asia, that can glide from tree to treeby flattening its body and springing off of a branch.







5. Can a snake kill an elephant?
Answer: Yes. The venom of the king cobra, the world’s largest poisonous snake, is strong enough to kill an elephant.

6. Can you name three ways that snakes move?
Answer: The three most popular way that a snake travels are sidewinding, concertina movement and caterpillar movement.

7. What is the longest snake in the entire world? How long is it?
Answer: Beleive it or not, but somewhere out there is a snake that is 33 feet long, and it is a python.
While that is impressive, the anaconda, found in the jungles of South America is fatter. It can weigh a
much as a grown man!








8. What animal is the biggest predator of snakes?
Answer: Herons, hawks, foxes, raccoons and bears all enjoy a tasty snake snack, but according to the NovScotia museum, the biggest predator of snakes is the domestic cat.

9. Are there poisonous snakes in my backyard?
According to natralist Jim Conrad, if you live in the United States, the chance of having a poisonous snake in your yard is very remote, unless you live near a natural or wooded area. Even if you see a snake, it probably won’t be venomous.


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