Go Online and Make a

Grab your pencils and visit these sites, which can help you learn the steps
to drawing cartoons, faces and animals.

1. Make a cartoon!

Visit http:// www.unclefred.com. Pick your favorite and copy each part of the drawing. The steps are given out one at a time, so they’re easy to follow! (Just click the “next” button each time you’ve finished a step.)







2. Sketch your dog!

At The Art Factory (http://bit.ly/97fGS8), you can find lessons on how to make real-looking animals.







3. Draw a duck.

You’ll find three simple steps to drawing six of these beautiful birds from outline to shading stages at http://www.calwaterfowl.org/waterfowl_draw/water_draw13.htm. You’ll know a lot about ducks and mallards before you’re done!






4. Play with 3D using Sketchup.

Ready for some serious design work? Download and install a free copy of Google Sketchup from http://sketchup.google.com and start making some serious designs. If you get confused, check out the online videos http://bit.ly/92J13G that walk you through each step.







5. Learn to Sketch Playlist.

Visit Children’s Technology Review’s playlist , to view select YouTube videos based on topics in this month’s column.



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