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Do you like to play with shadows? If so, you’ll love projection mapping. That’s when you use a computer projector to create a cool effect on a ceiling or building. Let’s learn some more.

1. What is projection mapping? According to http://projection-mapping.org/whatis/ you learn that it’s simply pointing a computer projector at something, to paint it with light. You can play a scary video on your house a Halloween, or make Santa’s sled move across your ceiling during a concert. The possibilities are endless.

2. What do I need to get started? Two things: a computer (or tablet) and a projector. Also handy — a dark place, a light colored surface, extension cords, graphics adapters and permission from your neighbors. Remember that projection mapping can draw a crowd, so you’ll want to make sure that everyone is safe. Read more about the history of projection mapping here: bitly.com/2ksPhCc.

3. What software do I need? There are many specialized programs that let you carve up your space so that the light matches your target. See http://projection-mapping.org/software-2/ for a good list. You can also use common presentation software like PowerPoint or Keynote. It helps to use highly contrasting images. Experiment with the slide transitions.


CHECK THIS OUT! The Seven Wonders of the World, in VR. https://nyti.ms/2BBS145 This single link is your ticket to places like the Great Wall of China, in VR. If you don’t have a Google Cardboard headset, don’t worry. You can look around with a swipe or with your mouse.


Projection Mapping on YouTube

Want more? Here’s a video playlist that go along with this column



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