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Pokémon collecting has been going on for nearly 20 years. What’s different this summer is the addition of the AR, or Augmented Reality in your mobile phone. Let’s learn more about Pokémon GO.

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1. Where did Pokémon come from? This Wikipedia page http://bitly.com/2aqk3Ev has history of Pokémon, or “Pocket Monsters.”  If you study the URL for the Pokémon company, you can guess the country https://www.pokemon.co.jp/

2. Which is more powerful. A Charizard or a Mew? The strongest characters are listed here http://bit.ly/2amsum6. Answer: Mew.

3. How many Pokémon games and shows are there? A lot. There are now dozens of video games, plush toys, apps and shows. See a full listing on the bulbapedia – a Pokémon encyclopedia http://bit.ly/2a3rOxs.

4. Which Pokémon was first? View the answer to this complicated question on Kotaku (note that we noticed some bad language in some of the comments) http://bit.ly/1ySNELi.

5. T/F The Pokémon GO game was inspired by an April Fools joke. Watch this video made by Google and it explains how Google Maps drive Pokémon GO. The answer is True. Pokémon GO was inspired by a joke https://youtu.be/4YMD6xELI_k


1.Make your own origami Pikachu- http://bit.ly/2amwOlr

2. How to start Pokemon GO- Here is beginners guide to starting http://bit.ly/29ZLp4y

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