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Pigs are smart, and can they make good pets. But … did you know that some pigs know how to swim? Let’s learn more about the amazing pig.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 4.34.21 PM1. T/F A pig can weigh more than a car.  At http://bit.ly/1XN3PVU you can see a picture of the world’s biggest pig that weighed 2,552 pounds. That’s more than a small car, such as a Chevy Spark which weighs about 2,300 lbs.

2. How long do pigs live? Most pet pigs live about ten years… a bit less than a dog or a cat. But one lucky pig made to 22 years, setting a world record http://bitly.com/1oTl8ZW.

3. T/F Pigs are messy, smelly creatures. False. Pigs are actually clean creatures. Wonderopolus http://bit.ly/1Qdqbe8 tells us that pigs only roll in mud for sun protection, because they can’t sweat. If you keep them in a clean pen, they like to stay clean.

4. Can a pig swim? At http://bit.ly/1Q0SJJZ you can learn about Exuma Island in the Bahamas, where shipwrecked pigs have learned how to swim.

5. Do pigs live in the wild?  Yes. Texas A&M University  http://bitly.com/1VNkiba tells us a lot about wild pigs. They are good at having babies and eating crops. Called “Feral Hogs,” they can weigh as much as a person, run faster than you can ride your bike (30 mph), and jump over fences.

6. What is a pig’s best sense? Pigs can’t see very well, but they have great snouts, both for rooting and for sniffing. They can even smell a tasty roots when they are underground. Read more at http://nyti.ms/1WTlLwT.


1. Adopt a pet pig! http://bitly.com/1SdcmRK you can find out if a pet pig is right for you. Hint — ask your mom or dad first.

2. Make your own piggy bank http://bit.ly/WBrYEP

3. Make a pig plate http://bit.ly/1Ova6OU

4. Tell some pig jokes (but keep it clean) http://bitly.com/1QH47rL

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