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    Librarians/Teachers: Download this page as an easy to print one page PDF   An aquarium lets you bring a small underwater world right into your room. While tiny fish ...
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Ice Sculptures

Download this column as a one page, easy to print and distribute PDF Winter is nearly here. What could be better than making a giant ice sculpture? Here’s what you need to know to ...
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  “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States… With these words, you become President of the United States. Download ...
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They say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  Is it true? Do you know how many varieties of apples are there, or how Apple computers got their name? Let’s find out!     Download ...
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September 26th is Johnny Appleseed day. Just how did Mr. Appleseed get his own day?  The answer comes from Folklore, a form of storytelling passed from one generation to the next. ...
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Pokémon GO

  Pokémon collecting has been going on for nearly 20 years. What’s different this summer is the addition of the AR, or Augmented Reality in your mobile phone. Let’s learn ...
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The Moon

Download this page as a PDF Forty seven years ago in the month of July (July 20, 1969 to be exact) the Apollo 11 space mission landed a man on the moon. Let’s explore this amazing ...
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All About YouTube

Teachers and Librarians, download this page as a PDF (one printed page). Use this link. Every minute, YouTube’s busy servers pull in over 300 hours of fresh, new videos. Where ...
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Action Cameras

—>Download this page as a PDF <— Want to see what it looks like when you jump out of an airplane? Thanks to a new generation of cheap, rugged digital cameras it’s ...
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Did you know that the fastest human can out-run an angry elephant? Or that the there is a marathon runner that is probably older than your great-grandparents? Let’s learn more about ...

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