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Forty seven years ago in the month of July (July 20, 1969 to be exact) the Apollo 11 space mission landed a man on the moon. Let’s explore this amazing place.

1. Can you live on the moon? Not without a really good space suit. The temperature goes from HOT (287 degrees F) to COLD (-243 degrees F). There are some other problems, like a lack of air, food and plants. Learn about the moon surface at http://bit.ly/1JpGQfg.

2. Where on the moon did the Apollo astronauts land?  Google Moon https://www.google.com/moon/ has cool maps of the landing sites, including links to the pictures that were taken there.

3. How big is the moon? This photo lets you see the answer http://bit.ly/292E8iT .

4. What US President decided we should visit the moon? The history of mission to the moon is explained at the JFK museum site http://bit.ly/1KgK0jM.

5. Can you name 10 inventions that came from the moon mission?  Here’s a site that lists 15 http://bitly.com/29aBXtV

• When is the next full moon? Check out the moon’s schedule for this year- http://bit.ly/1TZOHBs

• If you weigh 100 pounds on earth, how much would you weigh on the moon? Use this Wonderopolis calcuator http://bitly.com/29hKBrF and find out• !


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