High Tech Holidays

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It’s the time of year to program your menorah and print out some 3D ornaments. Holidays have gone high tech. Here are some ways that people are bringing holiday decorations into the digital age.

1. Which town set the record for the worlds largest holiday light show? Go down under and discover the record holding city of holiday lights that features over 1.2 million LED lights. Read this Washington Post article http://wapo.st/1OmIlNs. aaaacan

2. What do computers and Christmas trees have in common? This Wikihow article http://bit.ly/1NxK28r will teach you how to make your light display dance to music or other sounds.

3. Which family holds the record for most lights on a residential property? Here’s a story about a New York family http://bit.ly/1J4nlaR that holds the record for most lights on a residential property (and most likely, having the biggest electric bill). This family also holds a record for creating the largest image made of LED lights. Watch the video at http://bit.ly/1Iqbu3G.


4. How tall is the worlds tallest living Christmas Tree?  The answer is 150 feet. It lives in Ferndale California, but you can learn more about it with this link http://bit.ly/1Rdr75P.

5. Do you have a 3D printer? Why not make your own ornaments? We found this Makezine article with some pictures and plans, at http://bit.ly/1LFEzbv

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