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What do Bill Gates, scientist Marie Curie, and basketball star Jeremy Lin have in common? They’ve all been called geeks. Is being a geek good or bad? Judge for yourself!

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1. What is a geek? Dictionary.com http://bit.ly/1mzKkRb calls a geek “a person who is enthusiatic, or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits, but is felt to be socially awkward.” The concept has evolved throughout history, according to this tee shirt store’s page at http://bit.ly/1txjv1v.

2. Can you spot the most famous of all geeks? At CNET http://cnet.co/1f0FkTf you can find a list of the most famous geeks over time, and find out what they’ve done.billgates

3. Why does the Geek Squad use funny cars? It’s part of their branding. In 1994, a college student named Robert Stephens took 200 dollars and turned it into a billion dollar idea, based on the fact that he was a geek, and many other people were not. Read about his journey http://bit.ly/1hc5hhj or visit his company’s home page today http://bit.ly/1gP28jU.





4. Is your mom or dad a geek? Matt Blum was a software engineer and self-proclaimed geek. So after he had some kids, he did what any good geek would do… he made a web site called Geek Dad, at http://geekdad.com where he could share stories with other geeks. Then the moms joined in to make GeekMom, http://geekmom.com. Both sites are loaded with geeky ideas. Your moms might also be interested in this conference for Geek Girls http://bit.ly/1txkij6 or this Wikia list of famous girl geeks http://bit.ly/1iFFWgd. All have helped tap the power of technology to change the world.

Develop your Inner Geek!


They say that geeks like to program. If so, there’s no better language than Scratch. At http://bit.ly/IYM44J you can get started for free on any Mac or Windows computer.


From growing bacteria, to making a volcano, Buzzle offers a list of very Geeky ideas at http://bit.ly/1jvg9nR.

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