Fish Fun

Fish Fun

Want to learn about fish? Try visiting these cool sites for fish-themed pictures, videos, games and activities.

See Dragons of the Deep– Leafy Sea Dragons are amazing creatures that look like little floating dragons. This site gives you lots of cool pictures and information. http://divegallery.com/Leafy_Sea_Dragon.htm




Tour an Aquarium–in Hawaii!


You can visit the Waikiki Aquarium without leaving your house! This virtual tour takes you to dozens of exhibits where you can learn about all kinds of water life.


Name that Fish


This site from the Australian Fish Museum has lots of pictures and activities. We liked the Identify- A-Fish game.


Visit the UK National Aquarium


Want to see the grocery list needed to feed all the fish at this United Kingdom aquarium? This site lets you take a peek behind the scenes of daily life at an aquarium.


Set Up Your Own Fish Tank


If you’re getting ready to set up your own aquarium, this site has lots of useful tips and information.

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