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An aquarium lets you bring a small underwater world right into your room.

While tiny fish are hard to pet or take on a walk, they can be fun to watch, and can even have babies. Let’s learn more!

1. The most popular freshwater fish is the Guppy. How long can one Guppy live?
According to PetMD a guppy can live up to three years. They are an ideal starter fish for any fish tank, and the male can grow a beautiful, flowing tail. A female guppy can have live babies every 30 days.

2. What’s the biggest fish ever to live in a fish tank?  Can you imagine having a 40 foot long fish in your fish tank? Obviously you’d need a pretty big tank. At http://www.seethewild.org/whale-shark-facts/ we learn about the world’s biggest fish — the Whale Shark, and the world’s largest fish can grow up to 40 ft. There are several living giant aquarium tanks around the world.

3. What country has the world’s biggest aquarium?  Is it
a) The United States
b) United Arab Emirates
c) Japan

Answer:  According to http://bitly.com/2kPMDp5 the largest fish tank in the world is located in the The United States. Thanks to donation by one of the owners of Home Depot, the Georgia Aquarium’s tank can hold 6.3 million gallons, which is big enough for two Whale Sharks. It’s far bigger than the 2.64 million gallon tank — the second largest — found in a shopping mall in Dubai.

4. How much should I feed my fish? When should I change the water?
At Seaworld http://bitly.com/2jBpNMV you learn all sorts of useful things about getting started with an aquarium. You should only feed the fish as much as they can eat in 2 minutes. And you should change 1/4 of the water every month.

5. What about snails? Clams… and Crayfish?  Can they live in your fish tank? Yes, but you have to be careful because they can eat the fish or create other problems. Visit http://www.aquariumcarebasics.com/freshwater-snails to learn more.

APPLICATION Can you name the fish?  Visit the Australian Fish Museum site, at http://bitly.com/2keQ3P1 and see how many fish you can identify.

APPLICATION Buy a fish tank for about $55. Here’s a link to a starter set with a 5 gal. tank, filter, LED light and pump. That’s everything but the water and fish. One that gets high ratings is the Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon. http://amzn.to/2kpSnF1



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